28 Day Slim, Smart & Sexy Program

Throughout this 28 day program, you are going to feel so vibrant and overflowing with energy and good vibes that you will want to maintain this new perspective forever!

Get fast results, learn foundational concepts for health, and have fun during the entire process!

You will learn:

  • Ways to boost your immunity.
  • How to add energy.
  • Happy, healthy habits.
  • Good nutrition without starving or detoxing.
  • The truth, that you can look and feel great too!

Join me, and learn that you can eat and enjoy good food while losing weight all at the same time! And I will be there for you every step of the way. No more feeling lost and alone!

For a smart, sexy foundation you will learn: 

  • How to listen to your gut and trust your body to let you know what you should be eating.Happy Middle Aged Redhead Woman lying in the Bed and making a phone call.
  • Best kept secrets from top-notch health coaches, founded on the principles of bio- individuality, meaning no cookie cutter approaches, because everybody is different.
  • What the best super foods on the planet are, how you should select them and simple ways to incorporate them into daily living.
  • Which supplements work best for you.
  • Practical information about digestion, probiotics and enzymes. 
  • Determine your Primary Food sources and find out how they can influence your weight more than calorie counting and deprivation combined.
  • Also Tips and tools such as:
    • How to lose weight by adding in healthy foods.
    • Which foods you should never eat.
    • The truth about “carbs”.
    • How to eat out responsibly.
    • Discovering there are healthy fats…and find out which ones are best to use.
    • Beauty tips for real beauty.

What you get:

  • Daily Modules
  • 3 Hypnosis Audios (Self Esteem, Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Exercise)
  • Getting Started Manual with a shopping list.
  • Workshop

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