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Below are a few testimonials from my clients!

Four years ago, I was suffering from inflammation, constant stomach problems, and bad skin — and with regular [consultations] from Elena, all my problems have been solved. She’s a miracle worker and just has the most incredible energy. There’s no one better in New York at helping you find the path you need to detox and become a fuller, healthier you.

Amit (New York, NY)

Elena is an amazing, gifted person. She is the only therapist that has helped heal my body, mind and soul. Her treatments, encouragement and sage advice saved my life. I no longer suffer from chronic, constant toxicity and allergic reactions to chemicals, foods and the environment. Whenever I have a health issue – she is my first call. Her enthusiasm is heartwarming, her smile is beautiful and her laughter is contagious. I can never thank Elena enough for all that she has done for me.

Debbie (New York, NY)

As a beauty, health, and fitness editor, I have traveled extensively, testing treatments and therapies the world over. However, I can honestly say that there are none more effective than those offered by the extremely knowledgeable and highly professional Elena Rusakova.

Jane (New York, NY)

[Elena] has truly changed my life! My digestive health problems are gone and I eliminated all my toxic eating habits – caused from long hours at work and daily life stress! From day one Elena’s no-nonsense approach and her expert insight have helped me regain control of my health, both mind and body. No food pyramids or nutritionists that expect you to keep track of every calorie or type of food you eat! No sales pitches to “10 treatments to complete health!” It is just about me making small changes every week! [Elena] has been a key factor to my new healthier approach to life!

N.H. (New York, NY)

[Elena] is a natural healer and her energy is soothing and positive…She is continually learning and expanding her knowledge of health and she shares this with her clients. I feel that she has added to my well being both mentally and physically. As a yoga teacher, I need to be in optimum shape and Elena helps me to achieve this. I recommend her highly.

Deedee (New York, NY)

I have been utilizing Elena’s elite services for over a year… Her manner is always professional and friendly, and she has always honored her commitments. I give her my strongest recommendation. 

Kevin (Astoria, NY)

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